Supporters Like You

Meet the people who are ensuring that ADL will be here to fight antisemitism and all forms of hate for future generations. These generous supporters – like you – want to defend democratic ideals and continue the fight against antisemitism and all forms of bigotry, bias and discrimination.

And they have taken action through a gift in a will, trust or other estate plans to support and sustain ADL for generations to come. Meet some of these extraordinary champions of the fight against hate.

Meet Ruth and George M.

Making the World Safer:

“We are committed to doing whatever we can to make the world a safer place for our children, grandchildren and communities,” said George and Ruth. To show their dedication to the ADL’s mission of fighting antisemitism and hate, they chose to name ADL as a beneficiary in their estate plans.

“Most of us tend to think in terms of ‘the here and now,’ but creating a legacy gift is an opportunity to perpetuate your values and beliefs for generations to come,” said George. “Our bequest will help ensure that the vital work of ADL will continue well into the future.”

Sadly, Ruth passed away in December 2020. Her family has honored her memory and inspired others to support ADL by creating the Ruth Moss Legacy Challenge.

Meet Eric and Linda H.

Combating Antisemitism Wherever It Occurs:

“We feel that our gift will help ADL protect the safety and security of the world. We hope others will be inspired by what we’ve done and consider a legacy gift, too.”

California Bay area ADL supporters Eric and Linda H. recently made a generous $1 million lifetime cash pledge to the Legacy Endowment Campaign – Funding for the Future (LEC-FFF).

“We were very upset by the visible increase in antisemitic demonstrations nearby at Berkeley and other places, and we are comforted to know that ADL is here to combat antisemitism wherever it occurs,” Linda says. Most recently they were motivated to make their special gift while participating on an ADL mission to Israel. “We knew we eventually wanted to make a substantial gift to the Campaign and while in Jerusalem we asked ourselves, ‘If not now, then when?” Linda explains.

Meet Stanley K.

Giving from the Heart:

Stanley K. decided to establish an endowment gift of $1 million to help ADL Imagine a World Without Hate™. A resident of Florida, originally from New York and New Jersey, he said, “I congratulate ADL on the past 100 years of success, and I want to ensure even greater success for ADL at the start of its second century.”

“I decided that a $1 million gift to ADL would be a personally meaningful gift that comes from both my heart and my finances. I chose an endowment gift because I was thrilled that it will generate 5 percent of the $1 million, or $50,000, to ADL every year, forever!”

Meet Marty and Aviva B.

Creating Legacy of Leadership:

Marty and his wife Aviva, of Connecticut, decided to make their gift in the form of a bequest intent and gift of cash. “We have to remember how important it is to strengthen ADL’s ability to continue fighting antisemitism and hate. That’s why we made a legacy gift to support the ADL Foundation,” Marty says.

Marty has been an active ADL leader since the mid-1980s. He is a member of ADL’s National Advisory Committee, a Trustee of the ADL Foundation, and served as Co-Chair of the ADL Centennial Committee.

“It is a rare and special occasion for ADL to have existed for 100 years, one that we should view as a blessing and that we should cherish and utilize as a catalyst to move this important organization forward into the future.”

Meet Cynthia B.

Supporting Civil Rights:

Cynthia B. set up an endowment fund to honor her late husband Edward. Ed was a senior partner at a law firm and one of the founding members of one of ADL’s Regional Lawyers’ Divisions. To memorialize Ed’s prominence in the legal community, Cynthia made a gift to name the ADL Legal Conference in his memory. The Conference, held annually, is highly regarded.

“Ed believed passionately, as I do, in ADL’s mission to support civil rights and fight hatred,” Cynthia explained.

Cynthia made a personal choice to set up the endowment with retirement assets so that her husband’s name and ADL’s work would continue in perpetuity. This is just one of the many ways to make a gift to ADL.

Meet Dr. Allen K.

Championing Respect and Understanding:

Dr. Allen K. made multiple gifts to ADL over the past few years, including two charitable gift annuities. Allen chose a charitable gift annuity as a way to give because it’s a way that both paid him an income and benefited ADL.

Before his passing, he told us, “ADL is a proactive organization that I hope will diminish hostility and antisemitism, replacing it with respect and understanding. The gifts that I give to them can be used for this purpose. I can’t do that, but they can.”

ADL is grateful for Dr. Allen K.’s generosity during his lifetime, which will live on for years to come.

Meet Art and Sandy R.

Engaging the World:

Art and Sandy established a charitable remainder trust (CRT) in support of ADL. “We chose this particular type of gift because a trust is a win-win,” Art said.

ADL “gets the money in a trust now, and we receive annual payments from the trust for the rest of our lives to fund our retirement. It helps ADL continue its important work while being financially advantageous to us. When the trust terminates, the remainder will pass to ADL Foundation.”

“We must ensure that ADL has the financial base to move forward into the future so it can engage with the world in the next century.”

Meet Larry B.

Creating a Legacy to End Antisemitism

Larry was born in 1944 in New York City, a year before WWII ended. In the early 1900s, his grandparents had immigrated to the US from Eastern Europe to escape anti-Semitic persecution. After the war, they were active in a self-established local society of individuals who had immigrated from the same geographic area, including some who had survived the Holocaust. Thus, from an early age, he was acutely aware of the scourge of antisemitism. Throughout his life, he felt that what had happened in Germany could happen again. In 2019, he was very disturbed by the increase in antisemitic incidents documented by the ADL. For this reason, he decided to make a generous contribution to the organization upon his death, which occurred in March 2020. He asked that the gift be used to further the organization’s educational activities to end antisemitism.

To find out more about fighting hate for good by supporting ADL, contact David A. Moses, Senior Director, National Estate and Gift Planning, at (888) 235-9710 or by email. Or, click here to arrange an appointment.