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Supporting ADL Makes a Powerful Statement and a Real Impact

You believe in our work and our mission: “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.” When you support ADL, you help us fight antisemitism and all forms of hate and ensure a just and inclusive society for everyone.

With your support, ADL’s work in these priority areas is stronger:

Fight Antisemitism

Antisemitism impacts millions of Jews and people of all backgrounds in the U.S. and around the globe, tearing the fabric of societies wherever it spreads. ADL is the world’s leading expert on antisemitism. With you by our side, we are on the front lines, shining a light on all forms of antisemitism and empowering individuals and communities with tools to address this age-old hate.

Fight Anti-Semitism
Combat Extremism

Combat Extremism

In recent years, our country has witnessed violent insurrectionist threats to democracy, a rise in hate crimes and rampant online conspiracy theories that have escalated into acts of hate and even terrorism. Because of supporters like you, ADL can monitor, expose and disrupt extremist threats from across the ideological spectrum.


Challenge Bias and Discrimination

Bias and hate manifest in our society in a myriad of ways. They lead to disrespect, harm and injustice. ADL believes that hate can escalate when biased attitudes and actions go unchecked. Your support helps us fight bias by addressing and challenging it wherever we see it, including online, and by working to create inclusive and equitable environments in schools and workplaces. By speaking out, educating and advocating, we fight for stronger responses to bias-related incidents and crimes, and help communities across the country become safer, more inclusive and equitable places.


Disrupt Cyberhate

Disrupt Online Hate

Online hate creates untold damage. With your support, ADL leads the global fight against online hate, including online harassment, antisemitism, racism and extremist disinformation, to demand safer and more inclusive online spaces. We engage in research and advocacy while developing tech products to help combat online hate.

“We must ensure that ADL has the financial base to move forward into the future so it can engage with the world in the next century.”

—Art and Sandy R.

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