Gifts That Pay You Income

You can generate extra income for yourself, and even a loved one, while fighting antisemitism and hate now and for future generations.

If you’re thinking about this gift, we recommend consulting with your financial partner and with ADL to select the gift that’s right for you.

Charitable Gift Annuities

How Charitable Gift Annuities Work

You can donate cash or securities worth $10,000 or more to ADL and receive
fixed annual payments for life 
and tax benefits in return. Benefits include:

Your Payment Will Never Change

You will receive fixed annual payments for the rest of your life.

You May be Able to Reduce Your Tax Burden

You may be eligible for an income tax deduction for the year you make the donation.

Provide Financial Security

Gift annuities are an ideal way to provide financial security for you and a loved one.

Avoid Some Capital Gains Tax

You may avoid some capital gains tax when you use appreciated stock to fund your gift annuity.

If you don’t need the income immediately or you have not reached age 65, you can schedule payments to begin at least one year after your donation or once you reach age 65. The longer the deferral period, the higher your payment rate.


Ruth, age 82, has stock worth $50,000 that she bought years ago for $10,000. She decides to donate her stock to fund a charitable gift annuity. She receives a payment rate of 7.5% a year. Her annual payment is $3,750 and she pays no immediate capital gains taxes. Over time, she avoids paying taxes on almost half of her capital gain. She also receives an immediate income tax deduction of approximately $26,956.

Sam and Jane, ages 82 and 78, want to support ADL’s work, but want to ensure they have sufficient income for the remainder of their lives. They donate $100,000 to ADL to establish a gift annuity that will benefit them for both of their lifetimes. In addition to an annual payment of $5,900 for as long as each of them lives, they will receive an immediate income tax deduction of approximately $46,376.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

How Charitable Remainder Trusts Work
You can donate cash or appreciated securities to ADL and receive payments for life,
or for a fixed number of years, in return. Benefits include:

You avoid paying capital gains taxes on sales of appreciated assets

You convert the full value of these assets into a lifetime income stream

You receive a significant charitable income tax deduction

You remove assets from your taxable estate


Evelyn and Paul, both age 72, would like to increase their retirement income. Paul also wants to make sure that Evelyn has more than enough income to live on even if she needs long-term care someday. After discussions with ADL staff and their advisors, Evelyn and Paul decided to create a 5% charitable remainder trust funded with $1 million in Paul’s highly appreciated company stock. Paul can rest assured knowing that Evelyn will have an additional $50,000 a year in retirement income. Additionally, they were able to remove $1 million from their taxable estate and avoid significant capital gains taxes.

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